China manufacturer 1240-Series Sprockets with Hot selling

1240 series engineer course sprocket is used for a vast verity of chain measurements. These dimensions contain 1240, ROA1242, 1244, R1248, ROA124, SS124, IS-4110, IS-4106, LXS1242 and 1241 measurement chains. These sprockets are normally equipped as forged material but we can also provide them as steel for more time operation. The under chart exhibits the regular tooth counts as well as dimensions for every dimensions.

Cast 1240-Sequence Sprockets

Tooth Experience at Pitch Line: 1.750″ – Roller Diameter: 1.750″

Sprocket Size Tooth Depend Pitch Diameter Style Hub Diameter Size Thru Bore Maximum Bore Fat (LBS)
1240C6 six eight.13″ C 4.00″ four.00″ 2.31″ thirty. LBS
1240C7 seven 13.eighty three” C 5.25″ 4.75″ 3.twenty five” 39. LBS
1240C8 8 10.eighty two” C 6.fifty” five.00″ 4.06″ fifty two. LBS
1240C9 nine eleven.88″ C 6.fifty” 5.00″ four.06″ sixty one. LBS
1240C10 10 13.fifteen” C six.fifty” five.00″ 4.06″ 69. LBS
1240C11 11 14.forty two” C 6.50″ five.00″ four.06″ seventy eight. LBS
1240C12 12 fifteen.70″ C 7.00″ 6.00″ four.56″ ninety six. LBS
1240C13 thirteen sixteen.98″ C seven.00″ six.00″ 4.56″ 102. LBS
1240C14 14 18.26″ C 7.00″ six.00″ four.56″ 112. LBS
1240C15 fifteen 19.fifty four” C seven.00″ 6.00″ four.56″ 122. LBS
1240C16 sixteen twenty.eighty two” C eight.00″ six.25″ five.31″ one hundred forty. LBS
1240C17 17 22.11″ C eight.00″ 6.twenty five” 5.31″ 142. LBS
1240C18 18 23.40″ C 8.00″ six.twenty five” 5.31″ 161. LBS
1240C19 19 24.sixty eight” C 8.00″ six.25″ five.31″ a hundred seventy five. LBS
1240C21 21 27.26″ C eight.00″ six.twenty five” five.31″ 210. LBS
1240C22 22 28.fifty five” C eight.00″ six.25″ 5.31″ 218. LBS
1240C28 28 36.29″ C 9.00″ six.25″ 6.06″ 310. LBS
1240C29 29 37.fifty eight” C nine.00″ 6.75″ 6.06″ 330. LBS
1240C30 thirty 38.87″ C ten.00″ 6.75″ seven.thirteen” 346. LBS
1240C32 32 forty one.forty five” C 10.00″ 6.75″ seven.thirteen” 378. LBS
1240C34 34 forty four.03″ C ten.00″ 6.seventy five” 7.13″ 402. LBS


We aslo offer a complete selection of equally precision roller chain and engineered.

Apps are assorted and range from conveyor, elevator transfer to wide common industrial electricity transmission specialty programs with attachments and/or particular components are also available.